Monday, 17 May 2010

Finished Design

Here is the finished design.

I have submitted the Pitch nd the stills on Moodle

the pitch i got what feedback i could before 12pm, and i put that forward for marking.
i have given a couple of minutes to each depart, so project manager will give an intro and the outro, so about 2-3 minutes in total, Marketing get around 2-3 minutes, branding get a little longer as they have to describe how the site works as well, so about 3-4 minutes, finance will be roughly 1-2 minutes. All this is subject to change as we still need to rehearse.

It has been difficult setting a time for everyone to meet at the same time. I normally am in mondays and tuesdays, mostly i am in everyday up until submission day. Andy and Marios tend to be in everyday, so they are within ear distance to discuss what needs doing. Ryan tends to be pretty busy but he turns some times, same with jack, but i think he's been to meetings a bit more. I met josh today and brought him up to speed, he has some work to send me, David is pretty busy with rave live but has made the time to turn up now and then. Michael and Kozi i see infrequently, Kozi i saw at the start and one day last week to give me his research, and Michael i set some marketing research and haven't heard from him since.

I have broken down the pitch into bullet points, so if each department decide who wants to speak what or maybe choose a representative to speak for them is fine.

All this will be cleared up if everyone is in at some point this week so we can rehearse.

Chances are if everyone turns up on monday, we are group E and if we are called out alphabetically, we have a chance to rehearse if we all arrive early enough.

I think the pitch is self explanatory and if each department know how to describe their own work effectively while keeping it short and simple and be able to pass the mike around to other people so everyone gets heard, I guess it will be fine.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

presentation figures

year one profit/loss - £127270
year two profit/loss - £283530
year three profit/loss - £345007

target price for our service - £250000
lowest safe price - £150000
income through advertising - £10000

start up loan - £50000