Thursday, 13 May 2010

Thursday 13th may, Update WHATS BEEN DISCUSSED

Hi Guys, heres what's been discussed today, Me (Alex), Andy, Marios, and jack turned up and discussed a few things.
-Marios Needs to finish his logo, he's got some already, Marios needs to get those designs to Ryan so he can put it in the banner. He will be doing a little promotional Ad for our site too, a piece of art. but its not too important. we need some xbox products to put down the side, so hell gather up some images.
we discussed a reward system, like microsoft points that you can spend on Downloadable content.
Jack will look up Microsoft's policies on dealing with their customers, we know they can block ur account for 2 weeks and reset your profile. but i dont think you can type up a specific message, so fr the site we can have that feature.
we want to be available on the console..
We need tho know our competition,
Spy Hunter and gamebuster already crack down on some users, but i dont think you can type up messages. so that could be one of our unique selling points.
we can do deals for products if you are on the site reporting people> But we will cap people at 10 a month, so you can only report people 10 times, that way people cant rack up too many points.

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