Wednesday, 28 April 2010

People in the group and their roles

-Project Manager- Alex Bax= so my responsibility is to make sure everyone delivers on their end

-Finance Manager- Andrew Kinear= will be looking after the money, how much budget we spend, spending in the right places, that sort of thing.

Market Research manager- Kozi and jack, so they will be checking out the xbox live first hand, see what microsofts user figures are like, see how many people we would be dealing with, how many reports they get, that kind of thing.

Brand Manager- Marios Economides, so he will be doing designs, or making sure the designs are in keeping with the over all objective of the site.

Marketing manager- ryan would like to do this role to assist in the research side as it over laps abit with brand., as he would like Cant remember his name, he hasn't joined the group yet (i will update this when everyone has a role) his responsibility is to make sure the marketing is the kind of marketing we want for the product.

and here are the names of the people in the group:

Alexander Bax
Ryan Clarke
Jack Shirley
David Oldershaw
Andrew Kinear
Marios Economides
Michael Lawrence

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